Satan Therefore, I realized how come God allowed Satan did that wrong to place the worm along with that earth in wrongful spot; must because God know it's the best time to teach that heartless Satan to know love - When you are True Love, you don't be blinded by your love, you love that truth (That how you do business must not for money, because if you love money truly, you must keep money in front of your eye 酒店打工s not ever to allow anyone to use it to sell or buy. That how you need to do the duty to kill "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plan to pay $210 million in bonuses" < As of 4:14 p.m. CDT Apr 3, 2009>, for they obviously unforgivably$$$"Boot.1.Zhi.China" "Way.Food.Boot.Ren" heartless suckers http://tw.mybl 長灘島$$$ betray Customer first rule.)unconditionally. You love Truth, you must not lie, not mention to follow the lie, woman must do all she can avoid the lie, man must do his duty to kill lie(Therefore, you need to do the duty to kill those Prosecutors and federal jury in Connecticut and that Court@@Be 找房子cause your Prosecutors, your federal jury, you Court, must have to be smarter than a house second class US citizen like me, had anyone of them had the power of honest enough to be honest human being, must know how your government formed body must have no right to try any current or ex-US Sailor, because anything your government body can know must mean openly available for every on 酒店兼職e to know, anything your government body unavailable to know, you must have no right to seek what showing in front of your eyes right or wrong, real or fake. @@, because liar government ##That how you need to do the duty to kill all USA liar Presidents no matter his name is Bill Clinton, George Bush, or 0bama, along with all liars inside your government body. Because liars must be abusers, abusers 買屋網 occupy your public office own your public power must be the worst terrorism ganging inside your country## formed body must have no right to try honest Ex-U.S.Sailor <Ex-U.S. sailor jailed for 10 years on terrorism charges>. ). Why God teaches Satan to know love? Because Satan rely on hate to live, hate cannot sta 裝潢nd time test, will fade away sooner or later, not if but when, only love can stand time test to live unlimited long. Why? Because lost of love causes invisible pain (It so painful that takes away all previous uneasiness that bothered me so long) to force you have to be stronger; lost of hate can only release you out of hell. That may explain how come you must not ever let yourself be fallen into cold cold hard, because cold cold hard take 西裝 away your hot, without hot, without love, without love, you have no way to grow up your invisible good life. You have to really tasted the lost of love in order to see through death light; therefore, do not commit suicide, because you just need to hold one more step, you can grow up more strength to see through life out, do not commit suicide if you cannot find anyone hated by you mad you enough to make you want to kill anyone of them, because that says you 酒店打工r life good enough to keep going on; do not committed suicide if someone made your life too miserable to live, try all you can to get a gun to kill and to be killed. Kill someone else instead of kill yourself, because kill someone else is a good thing to do as long as you can give that someone a best gun shot to leave; kill yourself is not a good thing to do.There's no way anyone who has tight schedule(that even made parents have to leave their own kids behind), colorful soci 酒店工作al life (That against the power of honesty, against the Truth, against our True God) can have the clear mind loving sight to see life through in order to be able to help anyone of you to do better. That how come you should kill your "Boot.Ann.於.10" 的 President, that how come you should kill all those G20 attended national head, they don't deserve to be any head of any nation. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 濾桶  .
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